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Refill Stations deliver free, filtered water
and powerful brand stories to everyone.

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A new platform

Meet the world’s first smart water refill station network. Located at centers of transit and community, the brands featured on the iconic big blue box capture the attention of all who refill and walk by.

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Advertising with a direct impact

The refill movement is becoming a global trend as every year more cities set goals to reduce waste. Tap partners help make it possible to lower carbon emissions and democratize access to clean drinking water. Every advertisement on a Tap Refill Station helps to provide communities with a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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The Tap Refill Station network allows you to craft your message using a combination of factors to reach your target audience with maximum impact.

  • Number of Impressions
  • Range of Exposure
    (Network-wide or Local)
  • Community Announcements
  • Real-time Information
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